Historic Ship Promotional Tour

Estonian Historic Ship Society invites all Estonian and foreign tourism/sailing/nature journalists interested in our traditionale vessels and services to come and take a round trip on our historic ships. The promotional tour takes place form 22-26 May 2006 and registration is almost finished.

The main aim of Estonian historic ship tour is to introduce to the world with the help of motivated journalists Estonian historic ship heritage and the tourism opportunities our unique historic vessel offer, but also to promote Estonia as a destination country, promote our nature and the principles of sustainable tourism.

Estonian Historic Ship Society consists of six traditional wooden vessels typical to Estonian coastal waters and inland bodies of water. The ships represent the best of Estonian naval heritage from different eras – from Finno-Ugric single log canoe to the replica of 14. century Hanseatic sailing barge and two-masted gaff-schooner kaljas. These traditional wooden sailing vessels take you to the regions beyond the main tourism centers – to the ancient regions of the Estonian Swedes on the islets of the Baltic Sea, to the Russian-Orthodox villages on lake Peipsi, into the pristine wilderness of Soomaa National Park and the small coastal fisher villages on lake Võrtsärv.

Estonian historic ship tour involves sailing on historic vessels, visiting local communities and historic centers, trekking in national parks, taking a glimpse of the building process of the traditional vessels and relaxing around the campfire or in the barrel-sauna – all  You need to get a real taste of Estonia.

As the group size is limited we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible on the e-mail given below.

For registration, please contact:



 Additional information:

 Marika Mann

Estonian Nature Tours

Tel. +372 477 8214, +372 5349 6695

e-mail:  info@kumari.ee

Waiting forward to meet you.

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