CinemaBarge coming soon to the village around you

This August lodi "Jõmmu" surprises with a rather unusual cinema project. From 9-18 August Emajõe River Barge Society in cooperation with Kinobuss are sailing around lake Peipsi, river Emajõgi and  lake Võrtsjärv, showing cinema in the towns and villages next to the historic waterway. The cinematic voyage starts in Alajõe village on lake Peipsi and ends in Tartu with the Emajõe Festival.

The program involves a selection of new films and animation, both Estonian and foreign, also workshops and seminars on making cartoons, traditional handicraft and boat building. Each day offers a lot of interesting and entertaining to both locals and tourists - the day starts with live music and ends with an experimental movie
projection on the huge square sail of the Hanseatic barge.

Beware - lodi "Jõmmu" coming soon with the cinema to villages around you.

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