Estonian Historic Ship Society offers attractive travel opportunities for people interested in historic ships and nature tourism. The traditional wooden vessels typical to Estonian coastal regions and inland bodies of water will take you on the numerous scenic rivers, to visit the fisher villages along the shores of Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv with hundreds of years of boat building and fishing traditions, and to the islands and coast of Väinameri and the Baltic Sea. Come and get acquainted with Estonia beyond regular tourism routes – learn about our nautical heritage, participate in boat building seminars and volunteer nature camps, and take an insight into the various local cultures ranging from the little orthodox villages on Lake Peipsi to the ancient regions of the Estonian Swedes on the islands and coast of the Baltic Sea.

Estonian Historic Ship Society comprises of six organisations, each of which stands for the survival and promotion of a different historic wooden vessel, but all cooperating to offer diverse and attractive experiences to enthusiastic visitors and to ensure the survival of Estonian naval heritage.